Designed for Security

KNXanywhere is a KNX cloud solution designed from the ground up to be both secure and easy to use. It doesn’t require configuration for VPNs or port forwarding, and can be easily integrated into the KNX installation.

Designed For Users

Visualisation and control is built in to KNXanywhere with a web application, and mobile apps for both Android, and iOS. This is based on the Insight visualisation and control range.

Designed for the ETS

The KNXanywhere platform can be used as a transparent secure tunnel for the ETS. It works by using a local KNX Edge device as a KNXnet/IP proxy. The telegrams are tunnelled to and from the remote installation via the secure KNXanywhere protocol. A local device is required to ensure security when using the non-secure KNXnet/IP protocol over the internet.

Designed For Builders

A set of REST web services are available to third-party developers to build KNX cloud applications. All services require authentication and use the HTTPS standard. Additionally, the device level software can be adapted to run on other platforms, and has been ported to the BAOS 777 from Weinzierl Engineering.