KNX Edge

KNX Edge

The RNX-GW1 is a modern security focused interface between the KNX network and the rest of the world. At its core, it supports the KNXnet/IP Secure protocol, with up to 25 concurrent tunnelling connections. Secure end-to-end remote access (including programming with the ETS) is included with the KNXanywhere cloud service. Individual connections can be configured via the firewall service. Also included: Web Ready (management app, web services). Group Object Data Cache. Configured for guaranteed automatic security updates (manual updates possible).

Available Q2, 2018


The RNX-GW1 is the first KNX Edge device and supports the following features:

It can be used as a standard ETS interface and supports up to 25 connections. This is ideal for use with visualisation and control with a large number of users.

It supports the KNXanywhere cloud service and can be accessed remotely via a secure connection. It does not require a dedicated VPN or an open port on the internet.

In addition the RNX-GW1 can be locked down with a firewall, and individual services can be disabled, so it is possible to turn it into a monitoring device without write access to the KNX network, or only accept connections from a specific IP address.

Finally, it supports the Insight editor, which is used to create flexible KNX visualisation projects. As the project is stored on the device it is incredibly simple to connect new display devices. Currently supported are the Redfish Insight Display range, and the Insight mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Available Q3, 2018


The RNX-GW100 platform is available as an open Linux hardware solution.

It is possible to use existing open source software on the platform to create your own KNX solutions, or use your own software. A user-land transceiver driver can be provided to communicate with the TP tranceiver as well as a custom Yocto build system.

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