Redfish Telemetry gives you the building blocks for gathering, storing, and visualising remote analogue and digital data quickly, securely, and with minimal power consumption

Available Q2, 2017


Our soon to be released 4G-RTU is a ultra low-power remote data acquisiton device. The 4G-RTU has a 4G modem with 3G fall-back, three analogue inputs, three digital inputs, and an RS-232 serial port. It can be powered by a 7-15V DC supply and has an in-built LiFePO4 battery with charger to allow for graceful shutdown on power loss.

The firmware is designed with power saving in mind and only powers up to take readings before re-entering its low-power sleep mode. The modem is only powered up and connected to the network when required by either the user settable periodic upload, or because a high priority event has occured.

Communications takes place over an encrypted, authenticated connection, with the API available to customers on request. Customers can choose to develop their own backend solution, use our cloud solution, or contact us about a custom or OEM solution.

OEM only


The RNA-1 is a powerful, low-power, network appliance server that can be used in small installations where it is preferrable to have a robust, local, server solution without the overhead of managing your own hardware and software.

RNA-1 hardware is tuned to network loads and implements hardware level encryption. The appliance runs a customised distribution of Linux built by Redfish, with signed updates available from our update repository. Automatic updates allow you to keep your device up to date with the latest security patches.

Customers can be provided with an SDK upon request to implement their own applications on the platform. Or contact us about a custom solution. Custom OEM solutions based on the RNA-1 platform are also available.